Fethiye & Ölüdeniz


The islands and bays surrounding Fethiye can all be accessed by boat. Throughout the summer season boats leave Fethiye harbour, Göcek and Belceğiz beach in Ölüdeniz, usually from 10.00 to 11.00 each morning. There are also sunset cruises, on which are served dinner.


The blue waters of the Mediterranean, visiting the bays and islands to explore the history and natural beauty of the area. Forty years ago most this region was a secret, known only to local sailors. Now anyone who wants to add to their memories of a special holiday, a cruise in a traditional gulet or sailing yacht, is the perfect way to explore this paradise.

Whether you rent a gulet with a group of friends, of book a cabin and meet new acquaintances, one of the cruises, on a variety of routes, will be ideal for you. You can lounge around on deck in the Mediterranean sun, enjoy a variety of water sports, stopover in different ports, or laze at anchor in empty bays.

The gulet is a traditional structure, usually made from chestnut, mahogany, teak or pine. There are built with comfort in mind with roomy cabins, showers and toilets en suite and communal sunbathing and relaxation areas; all offering guests an ideal environment for relaxation. Of course, standards differ, as do passenger capacities. Some gulets travel by motor but others have a full sailing rig to use when the wind is right. Whatever you are looking for you will find many options to suit your budget and preferences.


the crystal clear waters off the coast of Fethiye, makes this area one of the world's fastest-growing resorts for underwater sports in a fun offers ideal conditions for scuba diving. The lack of any awkward currents along the long coastline means it is an easy and safe place to learn the sport. The dive centres in the region operate throughout the year, with day and night dives for both beginners, intermediate and experienced divers. There are diving tours, and PADI, CMAS, BSAC courses are available.

For beginner divers, there are more than twenty different areas and for the more experienced there are some impressive caves, walls and tunnels. In addition, archaeological diving is also possible in the region, with some amphora dating from 334 BC, when Alexander the Great conquered Asia.

There are some gulets (traditional boats) offering weekly diving tours, from Fethiye to Kaş, or Fethiye to Marmaris. These tours are excellent for those wishing to enhance their diving skills. Weekly tours also offer a special opportunity for certification and training courses.

On your boat, there are always experienced dive-instructors to hand, and after theoretical and practical lessons you can relax in the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean. All our dive teams are experienced and only the most modern, safe, diving and navigation equipment is used.

Anyone older than 12 years, who is fit and healthy, can enjoy this sport. In the morning, following the completion of the necessary formalities, a short boat ride takes you to the dive area. Equipment is checked, and an expert diver explains the rules; you are then ready to have you first diving experience in shallow waters. In the afternoon you have a second chance to experience the underwater world with a dive instructor.

Mediterranean sea life is rich with fish, octopus, crayfish, sea snakes, turtles and dolphins waiting to be found. The magnificent colours of the underwater flora and fauna provide great opportunities for photographers.


There is much evidence about the coastal paths of ancient Lycia, which were an important access route for travellers and merchants. The Taurus Mountains, with their pine forests, rich flora and fauna, connects Anatolia’s hinterland with the sea, providing enchanting views from many vantage points. The Lycian way has many ancient ruins and settlements along its 500km length. The route takes walkers through remote mountain villages, and provides opportunities to meet with friendly, hospitable people and interesting cultures; a perfect introduction to how Turkey used to be.

The Lycian Way, with its proximity to coast and mountains is home to some 10,000 different species of plants, flowers and trees; many of them endemic to the region. Many think of the Lycian Way as a natural museum of Turkish biodiversity. The Lycian Way, which starts from Fethiye and ends in Antalya, has in recent years opened a popular alternative tourism activity.

While exploring the Lycian Way and visiting the monumental tombs, there is also a wonderul opportunity to see ancient city walls from the period, evidence of roads, public baths, public fountains, theaters and many monuments and tombstones. The coastal countryside of Lycian Way is a wonderous combination of sea and forest, with many different trees, tracks surrounded by wild flowers, seasonal shallow lakes in the highland areas; the Lycian Way is a wonderful way to discover this part of Turkey’s wealth of flora and fauna.

The Lycian official website:: www.lycianway.com

Historical sources describe a communication system of pathways connecting the 45 known city states of ancient Lycia. The way is made beautiful by the rich fauna and flora of the Taurus Mountains, with pine forests extending to the sea shore, and the remains of ancient settlements to be encountered everywhere.

Along your route you will encounter the smiling, hospitable people of the mountain villages with their interesting cultural values, so that you will forget your tiredness as you are introduced to the attractions of a different lifestyle.

The flora of the Lycia-Taurus region has 10 000 species of flowers and trees, including endemic species, so that walkers on the Lycian Way find themselves in a veritable museum of nature. Fethiye is being opened to the world by the influence of the newly popular alternative tourism.

Starting your walk on the Lycian Way from the rock tombs of Fethiye, you will reach the 1975m summit of Babadağ by way of Kayaköyü and its surroundings and the village of Ovacık, from where you will follow the way markers placed at 100-metre intervals and reach the village of Faralya (Uzunyurt). Particularly in the first part of the walk, you need to have suitable boots and walking equipment, as well as carrying sufficient food and water.

In the stretch after Faralya, you still follow the way markers through the forest, but the going is easier. Now you will have no problems with food and water, and you can enjoy a swim at Kabak Bay. All along the way, those interested in history and archaeology will be enchanted by ancient cities such as Sidyma, Pinara, Letoon and Xanthos, and discover other evidence of Lycian settlement. After you pass the 18-km beach and ancient city of Patara, you will be able to stop and have a rest in Kalkan and Kaş.

The route of walking tours on the Lycian Way follows the ancient pathways connecting the city states of the Lycian Federation of thousands of years ago. In other words, walking along this road is like plunging into a time-warp connecting the present with the depths of history.

Apart from this route, work is being carried out under the leadership of the Fethiye Chamber of Trade and Industry to provide other routes. At the present time, surveying work has been completed, and work is continuing on marking the routes and preparing a guide book which will give detailed information.


The imposing Babadağ mountain, east of Ölüdeniz, is considered to be one of the finest paragliding locations in the world
Babadağ is one of nine hotspots in Turkey for its rich flora, providing another dimension to the beauty of Ölüdeniz and its surroundings. Those wishing to fly solo or who need specialised sporting equipment or transfer services can apply to the travel agencies of the area.

Single (solo) experienced pilots who want to fly from babadağ can use our facilities. Holidaymakers can take a tandem flight with a pilot, allowing them to soar through the blue sky, and see from the air the beauty of Ölüdeniz: don’t forget to take your camera!

An exciting journey up a winding mountain track takes you to 1975 meters and the first of three takeoff points. Before the jump you will be briefed on the technicalities, before taking off with a highly competent pilot. Your only task is to run a few steps towards the wind before you find yourself soaring into the sky. You will experience adrenaline and the freedom of the sky and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your flight.

At the end of the flight there is a soft landing on the sands of Belceğiz Beach. You will be left with wonderful memories of a unique holiday experience.


Fethiye is ideal for rowing. Accommodation is close to the calm inner harbour, and this together with an excellent rowing and racing area provides ideal facilities. The purpose built boathouse constructed by the Fethiye Municipality, are available for visiting teams.

The Romanian Rowing National Team uses the rowing club in Fethiye when training for the Olympics and with each passing day there is increased interest in Fethiye’s rowing facilities.


Fethiye hosts national and international rowing competitions each year and the Fethiye Municipality Sports Rowing Team of approximately 50 athletes, regularly competes with successful results.


Located just 10 km from Fethiye’s centre, Çalış beach offers kite and wind surfing, and is an ideal place for those who are already experienced or want to learn these sports. Experienced and licensed instructors teach all the official courses.

Every year in Europe, especially in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, many people who are passionate about wind or kite surfing come here to learn or perfect their skills. Fethiye’s has season winds, the summer one starting in March and continuing until the end of October. The thermals are very consistent. There is no waste discharged into the sea, no cliffs, sand dunes, or jellyfish. Marine traffic is restricted and the main surfing area takes place within the Caretta caretta sea turtle conservation zone.


There are plenty of opportunities for horse riding in the area, from Ovacık to Kayaköy






Paddling in a sea kayak along the waters bordering the rugged coastline of this area, whether for a day or a week, is a wonderful way to get a different perspective of this wild and unspoilt environment. An alternative is to canoe or raft downstream along the Eşen River with a licensed guide from Saklıkent to Patara, with its 18 km of sandy beach. Use a travel agencies for a safe journey, during which every precaution is taken, passengers are covered by insurance, and after giving the necessary training, the journey begins.

During the adventure lasted about 6 hours, tranquil brook flowing from time to time vortexes of small spills and makes it an exciting ride.

White-water rafting, the flow rate is higher than the Dalaman River, waiting for the adventure lovers. Which is fed with a clear view of the natural limestone, tea, tourist regions, due to its proximity and ease of access to attention and the ability to offer year-round rafting.

In particular, the rise of the water level in September and October, creates some small waterfalls and increases the flow of the river. The river divides into two parts at the village of Akköprü. The degree of difficulty of the upper portion is level 5, and the lower section level 3-4. For those who love the rush of adrenaline this is a must.


This region is also famous for its Jeep safaris: with opportunities to see villages, taste the local cuisine and view historical sites…and lots, lots more.

A large number jeep safari tours are organized by Fethiye’s travel agencies and different options are available.


There are Jeep Safaris to suite all tastes: from Kaya Village, Butterfly Valley, and the Pumpkin route, to Tlos, Yakapark, Saklikent and Patara. The choice is yours. If you are particularly interested in history, a trip to the ancient cities of Letoon, Pinar, Sydima, and Xanthos, could be the tour for you.


Jeep safaris started many years ago in Fethiye and for adventure lovers everywhere they are the most popular activity. Many visit places away from the main tourist areas, from remote historical sites to Fethiye’s famous animal rescue centre.


A favourite stopover is Yeşılüzümlü, a mountain town famous for its grapes and woven cloth. At the entrance of many houses there are stalls of hand-made local textiles or dastar, which can be bought. There are also places to taste the local homemade wines. Not far from Yeşılüzümlü, is the ancient Lycian city of Cadianda and a little farther on, the Ören Canyon. Here, there are restaurants serving local trout, a never to be forgotten experience


Quad-bike tours start from Çalış Beach, visiting Karataş Beach, Kargi and Karaot. Alternatively, they start from Ovacik, to Hisarönü, Kayaköy and Gemile beach. The third alternative begins in Kayaköy, which has its own training track.






On the outskirts of Kaya village, the Art Camp has is situated in beautiful natural environment. There is accommodation, a camping area, and the surrounding natural and historic environment is perfect for a full range of activities. Workshops and meals are taken in a large communal area. Kayaköy Art Camp has a growing reputation for an excellent variety of photography, art, archaeology and crafts workshops that take place until noon every day.

WORKSHOPS include photography, ceramics, painting, wood painting, carpet weaving, paper and marbling. Starting at the level of all of the applications and the resulting products exhibited in the season. Each afternoon visits to natural and historic sites are organised. There is also invariably a chance to visit the local beaches for a swim.

Quit corners to read and write or think and imagine have been provided for you to enjoy the camp fully. At night, slide and film shows and talks are organised, at which you can see the famous works of art of Turkey and the world. The night passes with music and conversation.


The evenings are well organised too with film, music, concerts, campfires and fun all in plentiful supply. Kayaköy Art Camp is frequently visited by some of Turkey’s finest artists and craftsmen.

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